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The Mouse Jiggler is a software tool that comes with a free trial download. It offers you a "Trick". A "Trick" for playing the popular flash games that are included in the games of Microsoft. The Mouse Jiggler's concept is to emulate the movements of a mouse cursor on the screen so that it resembles that of real life. It will mimic your mouse's movement and will also make the mouse cursor move in place and also perform other different tricks. This software is a perfect way to spice up your day or evening.

The Mouse Jiggler has an ability to show animations as if it were actually living in real life. The movements of the mouse cursor and the corresponding movements of the character will appear with the mouse cursor on the screen. Also, the software has a built-in language that can help you play various game. The language will allow you to play different games by just using the mouse. You can also play some of the popular MS-DOS games with the Mouse Jiggler.

There is a limited version of the free version of the software. The free version will allow you to play games such as Word Train and Word Maze. Both of these games are filled with advanced graphics and sounds. Also, you can use the software to control the mouse cursor on a certain window of Windows. When the mouse cursor is moved by the user, a certain icon is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. If you click on the icon, the Mouse Jiggler will display its full capabilities. It is just a simple trick, but it can be used for entertainment purposes.

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